Helpful information:

If you can't find a pick-up time that works with your schedule, please contact to solve your sauce pick-up dilemma. 

Walk-up orders are welcome at any location.

Pickup times this week in Nashville. Pickup times this week in Franklin.

Mon: 9-3:00 / Backyard Outfitters

Tue: 3:30-6:30 / East Nashville Farmer's Market / 511 Woodland St. Tue: 9-3:00 / Backyard Outfitters

Wed: 12-2:00 / Houston Station

Wed: 9-3:00 / Backyard Outfitters 

Fri: 3-5:00 / Houston Station

Thur: 9-3:00 / Backyard Outfitters   
Sat: 9-12:00 / Richland Park Farmer's Market 
Fri: 9-3:00 / Backyard Outfitters

Houston Station

438 Houston St. #262

Nashville, TN 37203

Backyard Outfitters 

4411 Franklin South Ct.

Franklin, TN 37064

 At Houston Station, on street parking is often available in the loading zone in front of the double glass doors. Text 615-598-5600, and we will bring your order to your car.