Does the sauce have meat in it? : Yes... lots of it. It is finely ground beef (80/20), no pork or other meat products.

Is it gluten free? : Yes, it is.

Does it contain any dairy? : Nope.

How long can it stay in the freezer? : We recommend that it be eaten within four months, but it should be ok for six months.

Once it has been thawed, how long can it stay in the refrigerator? : The sauce will be good for five days, thawed... maybe, six or seven.

What's the quickest way to thaw it? : Empty the container of frozen sauce into a covered pan on low heat, and continuously break apart as it softens until completely thawed. Or, place container of frozen sauce in hot water up to the lid for thirty minutes, then empty container into a sauce pan on medium and cover... breaking up the frozen sauce while heating.

Do you sell in any stores? : YES! Please click the "retail locations" tab on this site.

Do you have a vegetarian version? : Yes we do. We use the same recipe as the original, but substitute Beyond Beef for the ground beef.

Where is it made? : We cook our sauce at our own kitchen at 1138 4th Ave S.

Can you ship the sauce? : At this time, we are not shipping, but we are researching that option. For now, we serve the greater Nashville area.